A Personal Success Story for OpenCV’s 20th Anniversary Celebration

Ina Yosun Chang
1 min readJun 8, 2020

Re: Success Stories: OpenCV 20th Year Anniversary Celebration

OpenCV has enabled me to be an (open and honestly) one-person startup studio at permute.xyz — and also create software that has won two TechCrunch Disrupt Grand Prizes, Intel Perceptual Computing prizes, AT&T IoT Hackathon Grand Prize, and hundreds more.

Hi, I’m Yosun Chang, a software soloist whose projects have been mistaken for larger startups.

A recent interview on SIGGRAPH blog features some of my OpenCV driven iOS/Android apps.

In 2017, I used OpenCV + Dlib FaceLandmark detector for the main tracker in the first consumer-accessible creator software for creating face tracking effects called faceshop.io

Many of the groundbreaking creator tools I’ve built are also due to OpenCV. You can see a brief demo reel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCMj7TrdRuk

OpenCV has also enabled many of the creations I’ve built in my SXSW talk AR Hacking My Way Out of Deep Depression. Making creative prototypes (that help keep depressed creatives like me happy) such as a “Face Harp” — would not be possible without OpenCV.

It’s amazing that in less than a generation, computing has evolved from giant mainframes and armies to smartphones and soloists (independent developers). I regard what I do as something only possible due to strong and accessible frameworks like OpenCV, and I look forward to what dreams may come in the next 20 years.

Thank you OpenCV!

P.S. I also hope to somehow better dispel the myth, especially among the tech-uninitiated, that building technology requires teams of 1700 engineers.



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